How bright should wall art be?

Commercial wall art has a difficult job to do. It has to finish creating that ambience you're striving for, but without dominating the room. But it's not just about selecting an appealing design. It's also about getting the visual impact just right.

Factors like the contrast ratio, the colors used and their saturation levels all directly impact the feel of the art, and consequently of the room itself.  And it's the feeling of the room that people are hiring you for, not just the art you put in it. 

But that doesn't mean it has to be flat or lack interest or color. On the contrary, we've found that prints with lower contrast ratios and/or color saturation fail to impress. Look at the three versions of the print above. We've reduced the vibrancy on purpose from left to right. Notice how the one in the middle is flat compared to the one on the left. And the one on the right is even flatter again!

When you get the parameters right, people notice and admire the art at a subliminal level - the art enhances the room just as you want it to!

Commercial printing on canvas tends to lose some of the vibrancy of the original art works. That's another reason why we like to dial the brightness up.

But we're here to help! If you like our designs but want customized versions that enhance or reduce the vibrancy, we're happy to provide them. And if you're ordering from us a regular basis, we'll even provide them without additional cost.

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