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Fractured States - Canvas Prints

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 Acrylic on canvas     102 X 76 cm / 40 X 30 inches

The decline of the United Kingdom since WW2 has been dramatic. In this painting, I start with Mahatma Gandhi's role in the 1940's and move through to Brexit and the Pandemic reflecting on the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Great Britain has long ceased to be a major world power. This painting is itself a time capsule being painted in June 2020. At that time there was doubt as to whether England even remain in the union.

I've positioned Mahatma Gandhi here as driving the wedge that breaks up Britain’s empire. His campaign of nonviolent resistance eventually led to Indian independence from Britain in 1947.

The monarch Queen Elizabeth is depicted as frivolously drinking champagne. Within her lifetime, Britain has lost its once great empire, joined and left Europe and may now be at risk of internal disintegration.

At that critical time of a global pandemic and post-Brexit negotiations, the UK prime minister is shown vacantly eating a Union Jack ice cream which dribbles ominously down his hand, while the Union Jack colors in the Queen’s hat feathers fade. Johnson’s thought bubble is completely empty. 

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