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One of the things that makes painted art exciting and different to photography is the potential to represent thoughts and real-world objects in entirely non-realistic ways.

As artists, our challenge is to find our own unique ways of achieving this.

We of course want people to be able to recognise our individual signature styles. Artists are accordingly encouraged to “niche down” to simplify the interpretive challenges.

But I choose to take more of a risk. I see abstraction as central to the kinds of painting that I admire and want to create. It has an amazing potential to be applied in so many different ways.

And this is where I start to “niche down”. All of my work features abstraction to express impressions that may be figurative or conceptual.

My figurative impressions tend to be inspired by notable people, places or events.

Representing specific people in a recognizable way, and using abstraction to achieve it in ways that communicates observations about the subject, remains one of my fascinations.

This is so large a part of my offerings that I split my figurative impressions into two subclasses: “abstract portraits “and “figurative abstracts”.

The third class of my works are quite different and more complex in nature. I call these “conceptual abstracts”. They are representational but are entirely non-figurative.

These works endeavour to directly explore and capture the nature of thought itself. I’m interested in how we think and connect ideas to create systems of interworking ideas. I hope this statement provides you with a useful interpretive base.

How did I get get started as a painter? Read about my background.

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