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Sea Forest - Canvas Prints

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Seagrasses are the only flowering plants which grow in the oceans. They are also amongst the world's most important and most threatened ecosystems, which is why they are included in this collection.

Seagrasses perform a vital function that we rely on to fight the climate emergency. They are three times more efficient at storing carbon dioxide than rainforest.

They also trap and stabilize sediment which improves water quality and clarity. In addition, they reduce erosion and help buffer coastlines against storms.

And as if that's not enough reason to protect them, seagrasses can also be an important source of food. Kelp for example is a brown seaweed that grows in shallow coastal waters that is suitable for human and animal consumption.

In addition, seagrasses reduce methane emissions from livestock by up to 80% while also increasing their productivity. And yet some 29% of all seagrass meadows have been dredged, and we are losing another 1.5% every year.

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